Proposals invited for thematic research grant programme

STAFF REPORT ISB: The HEC has invited proposals for Thematic Research Grant Programme (TRGP) for 2015-16, especially designed to address contemporary issues and promote Social Sciences in the country.

Social Sciences scholars and researchers with theoretical, conceptual and methodological or policy orientation background have been encouraged to apply for the grants.

The full-time faculty members of public and selected private sector universities and degree awarding institutions will submit their proposals against different themes.

The topics include politics, constitution and governance; national security and foreign policy; society and culture; economy issues and prospects; education policy, leadership and management; history, archaeology and anthropology studies; print, electronic and social media; and literature and languages.

A maximum funding of Rs10m will be provided for each project approved under TRGP. Fifteen projects have already been completed under Thematic Research Grant Programme, while 25 projects are under process. It is expected that 30-40 new projects will be funded this year.The HEC accords special importance to Social Sciences and the aim of this grant is to not only to promote research work of Social Scientists but also encourage them to work on critical social issues of Pakistani society. Social Sciences Section of HECs Academics Division was established in 2003 to fulfill responsibilities of identifying the realities of diverse social and human issues. Since its establishment, it has taken several steps to boost research culture and explore new avenues for Social Scientists conducting research in emerging areas.

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