Dr. Daniel takes charge as PTCL president, CEO

STAFF REPORT ISB: The PTCL board of directors (BoD) has announced the appointment of Dr Daniel Ritz as President and CEO of the PTCL Group.

He succeeds Walid Irshaid, who was President and CEO of the PTCL Group since March 2007. PTCL Board Chairman Azmat Ali Ranjha said, “Dr Daniel Ritz will be leading PTCL through the next phase of its growth and development.”

Dr Daniel Ritz said, “The new position is a challenge that I plan to take on with all the enthusiasm and energy.”

Before being named as president of the group, Dr Ritz was working with Etisalat Group as chief strategy officer to lead and direct the groups corporate strategy, business development, mergers and acquisition and strategic project management functions since 2012. He also serves as board member of a number of Etisalats international subsidiaries.

Aged 50, Dr Ritz holds a PhD (magna cum laude) from the Hochschule St Gallen in Switzerland and was a visiting PhD student at Harvard Business School. Prior to Etisalat, he was with Swisscom as a member of the groups executive board where he also held non-executive board positions at national and international subsidiaries.

The outgoing PTCL president and CEO Walid Irshaid has over 25 years of telecom experience and he served PTCL for nine years. Upon joining PTCL, Walid Irshaid transformed the organisation from a state-run monopoly operator into a highly competitive, advanced and integrated service provider in Pakistans private sector.

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