Maple-a magic tree producing more sweetened sugar

Maple is the tree of the magic, a tree having the capability of producing sugary sap called as maple syrup. This syrup has the taste like the table sugar infect it has the more sweetness than the simple sugar. The trend of the world is being changed about the utilizing the sugar so we can say that the maple syrup is the sugar of the future. People are being shifted towards the maple syrup because it contains more sweetness than the sucrose. The 100 grams of the maple syrup contain 7% of calcium, 6% of potassium, 7% of iron, 28% of zinc and 65% of manganese.

In the maple sugar the sucrose contains about the 2/3 RDS than the table sugar and also it is very important for the people who are suffering from the diabetes because it raises the blood sugar slowly than the table sugar.

One thing which is very important for the maple sugar is that it contains the antioxidants. Antioxidants are the substances which have the ability to reduce the oxidative damage through neutralizing the free radicals and minimizing the chances of diseases like cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular disease and degenerative disorder. The maple syrup contains almost 54 type of different antioxidant compounds these are very helpful for the proper and normal growth.

Research shows that the maple syrup also has the very important compounds one of these is quebecol, the name of this compounds arises from the name of province of Canada Quebec. A study shows that this compound is very helpful for the reducing the growth of cancer cells and also slow down the carbohydrate breakdown.

Maple syrup should has the ability for substitution of the honey, agave syrup, table sugar and the brown sugar because it has the equal quantity of sweetness as the honey and agave syrup has and it has almost double sweetness from the table sugar and brown sugar.

The maple syrup is collected from the sap of maple tree. The collection of the sap of the maple tree is started in the spring when the temperature of the night is lower and the water from the soil is adsorbed form the soil. The day temperature goes to high which create the pressure on the sap and push it down to the tree which makes ease to collect. The sap of the tree is collected for 12 to 20 days and this process is carrying on until the March or April, depending upon the climatic conditions of the region.

The process of collection of maple syrup from the maple trees sap is based on this process:

After harvesting of the sap from the trees the sap is shifted into the sugar house where it is boiled and through this process real syrup is obtained. As we boiled the sap the density of maple syrup increased. The ratio of the maple syrup from the sap of the tree is 1:40 liters. After the evaporation the final product is bottled or canned before the use of it.

Maple syrup is the natural and cheapest substitute of the cane sugar and its processing is also very easy than the other source of getting sugar. As like the world Pakistan has the great potential of producing the maple syrup from the maple trees. Now a day Pakistan is not paying attention on this source of sugar. Pakistan has large forests of maple trees in Abbottabad, Hunza, Gilgit, Skardu, Swat, Dir and Chitral areas. Potential is there for the production of the sugar. If we will pay a little attention on this source of sugar we will be able to produce the enough sugar which will release load on sugar industry.

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interesting reading:  Tree Plantation Of Pakistan: More Greener, More Sweeter, More Honey
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