Pakistan following IAEAs N-safety regulations: PNRA

STAFF REPORT KHI: Former chief of Pakistan Nuclear Regulatory Authority (PNRA) Dr. Jamshed Hashmi has said that nuclear safety and environmental regulations are practised in Pakistan as per international norms and standards of IAEA.

“The nuclear industry has a big stake in climate change mitigation, politics and policies and scenario,” he said this while addressing scientists and researchers at a seminar titled “Peaceful application of nuclear technology”, organised by Pakistan Nuclear Society in Karachi.

Environmentally, nuclear is a low-carbon source of energy and can help prevent CO2 emissions while providing a constant large-scale power supply.

He also said that the nuclear techniques impact on improvement of crop varieties, especially wheat variety, leaving an impact of 10% increase in its production.

He mentioned that at present we are treating about 1.2 million patients at about 30 cancer facilities in the country, but as occurrence data tells us we need about 30 more facilities to cater to all the cancer patients in the country.

Purpose of the event was to promote research and development in nuclear science, technology and allied disciplines and to develop awareness about the peaceful application of nuclear science and technology for public welfare in areas of power, agriculture, medicine and industry.

The speakers gave detailed presentations on the different aspects of nuclear energy in power production, agriculture, medicine and oncology and strict and efficient compliance with international safety procedure involved in these fields.

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