Dr Atta to head UN body on science, technology

STAFF REPORT KHI: The United Nations has appointed Prof. Dr. Attaur Rahman as chairman of the UN committee on Science, Technology and Innovation.

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Prof. Rahman, who is former federal minister for science and technology, after appointment chaired the first meeting of the committee in Bangkok.

The UN Economic Social Commission for Asia and Pacific also held its meeting in Bangkok the same day, says a message received here.

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A senior official of the International Centre for Che­m­ical and Biological Scie­nces, University of Karachi, said that the committee discussed ways and means to promote science, technology and innovation among the member states.

Knowledge is transforming the landscape of many countries who are investing in higher education and promotion of innovation through applications of science and technology, he said.

Prof. Atta ur Rahman obtained his PhD in organic chemistry from Cambridge University in 1968. He has got 1,021 publications in several fields of organic chemistry and 188 books published largely by the European and US press.

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Prof. Rahman has also served as chairman of the Higher Education Commis­sion of Pakistan.

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