Mobilink becomes founder member of GSMA Mobile Connect

STAFF REPORT ISB: In a push to simplify the digital experience and making internet on boarding easy for a largely unconnected population, Mobilink has gone ahead with GSMAs Mobile Connect as a de-facto enabler for seamless online experiences.

The decision to be a part of this global initiative was also made keeping in mind Mobilinks commitment to a digitalized nation by empowering locals to embrace a digital lifestyle, while protecting its subscribers from the growing number of fraudulent activities and scams online.

“Weve chosen Mobile Connect to simplify the lives of our 36 million plus subscribers by offering a single mobile identity at the core of our online experience. It addresses the vulnerability of online passwords, while also respecting online privacy,” said Aamir Ibrahim, Mobilink CCO.

Mobile Connect is a universal log-in solution, and opens up doors for easy sign-up, authentication, consent based attribution and on the fly authorization of transactions.

By simply matching the user to their mobile phone, Mobile Connect allows them to log-in to websites and applications quickly without the need to remember passwords and usernames.

“Forcing users to create e-mails as their identifiers and remembering multiple passwords adds a layer of complexity that makes it very hard to connect to services online,” said Maaz Zahid, Head of Digital Channels – Mobilink.

Through the adoption of this solution to for its subscriber, Mobilink looks to open up a whole new set of possibilities over online retail, financial transactions and platform signups.

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