11th international symposium on Analytical and Environmental Chemistry at UoS

The 11th International Symposium on Analytical and Environmental Chemistry was held on 7-8th March at the Shaheed Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto Convention Center, University of Sindh Jamshoro, under the auspicious funding of Higher Education Commission of Pakistan and Pakistan Science Foundation. The symposium was organized by the National Centre of Excellence in Analytical Chemistry (NCEAC), University of Sindh, Jamshoro.

Prof. Dr. Abida Tahirani, Vice Chancellor Sindh University presided the inaugural ceremony. Prof. G. A. Miana (Rector RIPAH University Islamabad) was the chief guest of the event while Prof. Huseyin Kara (Vice Rector, Selcuk University Konya Turkey), Prof. Rasool Jan (Vice Chancellor, University of Peshawar) and Prof. Muhammad Iqbal Bhanger (Ex-Director NCEAC) also graced the inaugural ceremony.

During inaugural speech Dr. Abida Tahirani emphasized that in most of the developing countries universities can contribute as “research and training factories” from industry get support for good research technologist; hence role of universities become more important. Generally, universities emphasize over under-graduate programs and higher education is given less importance. Therefore, realizing this state of affairs the present democratic government has continued great emphasis on teaching and research in Pakistan. In recent years, higher education in Pakistan has gone through a paradigm shift and one can clearly notice the significant changes in all public sector universities of Pakistan where University of Sindh is not an exemption.

“I am proud to have qualified faculty members utilizing state-of-the-art laboratories and producing quality research and skilled manpower in sciences,” she said.

Prof. Huseyin Kara from Turkey said on the occasion that in 2013, the NCEAC, University of Sindh had organized a similar event, which was attended by Turkish scholars and open up new vistas of research collaboration, brotherhood and love among scientist. These collaborative events of Pak-Turk collaboration will help to organize joint research work in different Islamic countries.

The Rector RIPAH University Islamabad said that the symposium will provide good opportunity to scientist of various countries to exchange knowledge and establish effective means of communication. He appreciated the presence of guest scientist from Turkey, Czech Republic, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia and Oman to share knowledge and enlighten environmental issues with possible solutions.

Prof. Dr. Shahabuddin Memon, Director National Center of Excellence and Chief Organizer of the symposium, said that after the established of the Center in 1976 by the act of parliament, Centre is continuously contributing its part for the enhancement of Analytical Sciences in the Country with production of skilled manpower and maintaining its quality with international standard.

Prof. Tufail Hussain Sherazi, Organizing Secretary, acknowledged the guest scientist from Turkey, Czech Republic, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia and Oman as well as local participants for showing their great interest in contributing for advancement of science and serving the society.

During the two days total 39 oral presentations were made, including three plenary lectures, which were delivered by Prof. Huseyin Kara (Vice Rector, Selcuk University Konya Turkey), Dr. Ayman Nafady (King Saud University, Saudi Arabia) and Prof. Jeri Berik (Head of the UNESCO Laboratory of Environmental Electrochemistry at Charles University, Prague). As many as 46 posters were presented addressing key environmental issues and analytical advancements. The symposium was dedicated to Late Prof. Gul Hassan Kazi (20th September 1939 to 2nd Dec.2015).

Prof. Kazi was an eminent scientist. He spent 36 years in Sindh University on different academic and administrative positions including 8 years as Director, National Centre of Excellence and Analytical Chemistry, University of Sindh, Jamshoro. In concluding ceremony, which was presided by Dr. Latif (Advisor, R and D Higher Education, Islamabad), memories of Prof. Kazi, was enlighten by colleagues, co-workers and his son (Dr. Atif Kazi).

The prizes were distributed among poster presenters; Prof. G. H. Kazi special poster prize was won by University of Peshawar, while other three regular prizes were won by NCEAC, University of Sindh, Jamshoro research scholars. In concluding remarks Dr. Latif, advisor HEC, highlighted the role of higher education commission in progression of research in Pakistan and appreciated foreign and local participants for their valuable contribution. Prof. Dr. Shahabuddin Memon, Director and Chief Organizer mentioned the contribution of symposium in term of scientific discussion for better analytical approaches, while Prof. Tufail H. Sherazi presented the symposium report and thanked the international and local guest for their valuable contribution in the symposium.

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