Safflower oil-safe and beneficial for health

Human body requires essential nutrients through a quality diet. Oil is a basic part of human diet, as it is used in cooking etc. Quality of oil highly effects on health of human beings, because with the change in quality of oil, oil chemistry also varies. Low quality may contain nutrients which may cause body not to work properly. There are different sources of oil, but the source which is discussed in this topic is safflower. Kazakhstan ranks first among all the countries of world in production of safflower, India ranks second.

According to production of safflower Pakistan comes 22nd among the countries which produce safflower. Talking about the quality of the safflower oil, it is quite similar to that of sunflower oil. Its flavor is neutral, texture is light. It also has a higher tolerance towards heat which makes it perfect for cooking.


Safflower oil is used as medicine for different diseases. It is most commonly used against heart related diseases which includes hardening of arteries and problems related to heart stroke. The other conditions in which its can be beneficial are to treat during fever, against coughing, to treat tumours, also helpful to manage breathing problems, clotting of blood can also treated by using its oil and also helpful in treatment of chest pain.

Talking specifically to women, they used this oil problems related to their menstrual periods i.e. absence or pain during periods. Safflower floral parts can be used by to abort the unwanted pregnancies. As food safflower oil is used in cooking. Talking about its industrial uses, its flower is used in the colouring of the cosmetics and also used in dying of fabrics in textile industry. On the other hand, safflower oil can be used as a good solvent for paints. Safflower oil owns very good drying property due to which it is used in manufacturing of paints and varnishes.

It is particularly used to mix the white paints because it eliminates the chances of yellowing of the white paint with the passage of time. The cake which is produced while its making is highly nutritious and is used as concentrated feed for cattle. Safflower seeds, which are damaged and not of any other use, applied to the field crops as manure.


Heart Health: Safflower oil contains reasonable amounts on omega-6 fatty acids which performs different vital operation in human body. The important among all of them is the regulation of cholesterol level in the body, which ultimately effects chances of decreasing diseases which could cause the hardening of the arteries and also helpful against heart attacks and strokes.

DIABETES: Omega-6 fatty acid also helps to regulates blood sugar levels in human body. So, use of safflower oil can helpful to decrease the blood sugar levels and ultimately results in restriction to develop any disease like diabetes.

OBESITY: The most common issue of present human life is obesity. Omega-6 fatty acid also very helpful to burn extra fats present in human body. As safflower oil contains a fair amount of omega-6 fatty acid so its use in daily routine cooking can be very helpful to lose weight without any difficult workouts at gym or running.

HAIR HEALTH: The most important ingredient for health of hair, oleic acid is major constituent of safflower oil. It stimulated growth of hairs and strengthen hairs by increasing the circulation in scalp. It is also very helpful to look your hair shiny and vibrant.

SKIN: It enhances the quality and appearance of skin, as it contain fair amount linoleic acid. The basic mechanism behind all this is that linoleic acid joins with sebum, which causes reduction of blackheads, acne. Linoleic acid also helps in regenerating of new skin cells which results in removing of scars and unwanted blemishes from skin surface, ultimately one that use to treat skin with safflower oil looks younger.


The persons, who are suffering from disease related to poor blood clotting, should never use safflower oil. As it contains the material which makes blood thinner and hence can cause poor clotting of blood. Another main side effect of using safflower oil is for those persons who suffer allergy from ragweed or any other plant of same family. Using safflower oil for such person might increase severity of allergic reactions.


Safflower oil must be stored in place which is dark and air tight. Refrigerator can be used as dark and air tight place. The more it remain safe from air and light less will be the chances of its oxidation. Buy only that amount of safflower oil which will last for month or two.

The authors are from the Department of Agronomy, University of Agriculture, Faisalabad, Pakistan. They can be reached at and

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