Day: March 24, 2016

Students jump in IT contests at FAST-NU

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article image STAFF REPORT LHR: More than 1,000 students from all over Pakistan are participating in the Geek Week 2016 at the FAST-National University of Computer and Emerging Sciences (NUCES), Lahore. The winners will be awarded prizes ranging from Rs9,000 to Rs30,000. Punjab Information Technology Board (PITB) General Manager Burhan Rasool and Sabri Group of Industries CEO Farid Sabri were the chief guests at the opening event. Faculty members Dr Irfan Younus and DrAmjad Hussain addressed the…Read More

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Experts for consistent research to make progress

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article image STAFF REPORT ISB: Every discovery creates new questions and to find the answer to these questions, we need consistent research, said Dr. Nargis Mavalvala while interacting with Pakistani scientists community through video link at a lecture arranged recently. At present, the discovery of gravitational waves, predicted by Albert Einstein in 1916, is the most famous scientific achievement prevailing around us. The most important aspect in this discovery is the involvement of a Pakistani…Read More

Lack of S&T behind negative industrial growth

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article image STAFF REPORT KHI: Mishandling and improper disposal of chemicals in Pakistani industries is life-threatening for thousands of people. Industrial growth in Pakistan is negative which is due to the lack of science and technology. Civil society’s silence over the environmental degradation in the country is really a matter of concern. Chemical security in the industries should be a key concern for the government, industrialists, chemical experts and other stakeholders as well. Prof. Dr. M.…Read More

Rs 1.1b scholarships given to universities students

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article image STAFF REPORT ISB: As many as 909 students across Pakistan have been given scholarships amounting to approximately Rs 1.1 billion to pursue four-year ICT degree programmes in the top universities of under the PM’s ICT Scholarship Programme. While an amount of Rs 54.72 million has been provided to 866 final year projects of undergraduate ICT students of public and private sector universities since 2013 under National Grassroots ICT Research Initiative of the IT Ministry. The Ministry…Read More