Latvia, Pakistan sign MoU for science cooperation

STAFF REPORT ISB: A delegation from Latvian Academy of Sciences has recently visited Pakistan Academy of Sciences to formalize arrangements for mutual cooperation and collaboration and for building broad based, substantive and long-term relationship with the PAS in a wide array of scientific and technological disciplines.

The MoU for cooperation between both the sides was signed by the President, Latvian Academy of Sciences, Dr. Ojar SPARITIS and the President PAS Dr. Anwar Nasim.

Dr. Ojar SPARITIS, President, Latvian Academy of Sciences apprised the audience that by working on fundamental and applied sciences with innovative SandT we can stay competitive in the world. He offered collaboration in all areas of SandT by way of joint projects, reciprocal visits of scientists, and joint conferences.

Dr. Anwar appreciated the offer of support and collaboration between scientists and scientific institutions of the two countries and assured the visiting dignitaries from Latvia of all out support and cooperation from the Pakistani side in this endeavor of national significance.

Secretary General PAS, Prof. Zabta K. Shinwari, said that the Academy has a catalytic role in economic development of the country by way of promoting SandT by forging and facilitating working relations between Pakistani and foreign scientific institutions.

Discussing and elaborating on the possible areas of mutual cooperation, the chiefs of both the Academies expressed keen interest and enthusiasm for mutual cooperation in a wide range of SandT areas.

The modus operandi of collaboration includes joint projects and reciprocal visits of scientists of the two countries and research of young scientists, and joint Seminars, Symposia, and Conferences.

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