Soil deserves love and care

Adam and Eve were living peacefully when Satan whispered and they were thrown out of the heaven. Human were living peacefully enjoying serenity and beauty of nature Satan again whispered “industrialization” and destroyed the peace of planet earth. Then the giant started, this planet had become a kingdom of industry. Factories propagated on the land like weeds.

Trees vanished, fields were barren, rivers blackened. The sky clogged on ash and smoke, and the people too are spending their existences coughing and itching. Villages grew into town, towns into cities and people into money generating machines humanity evaporated somewhere out of our reach. Nature endowed this planet with miraculous wonders and enormous resources but man used them only for his own ends and monetary greed. He destroyed soil health, manipulated climate ultimately affecting his own health.

He forgot soil is a living entity and is only fruitful if we would let it live. I am not a stubborn who cant see world progressing neither I am anti-industrialization rather I am against human soil invasion we reject this development which is taking clean air from me depleting natural resources. The terrorism we have started against soil; we will have to pay for it at the end of the day sacrificing our and our beloved ones health at the cost of few dollars.

Deforestation, drilling of oil refineries, industrial accidents, landfilling and illegal dumping, land erosion, agricultural practices such as pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers application, mining and other oil industries and fuel dumping, coal ash disposal, buried wastes, drainage of polluted surface water into the soil and electronic waste. The variety of chemicals such as pesticides, petroleum hydrocarbon, solvent and heavy metals are the most common weapons used by us in this war we have started against our environment defying the fact that this is affecting us the most .Then we complain about a harsh climate, a barren soil, a rough polluted environment, earthquake, floods and stormy coast despite of the fact this is the fruit of seed we are sowing continuously.

Take as much benefit from soil as you can but dont forget to return its nutrients to it dont let our future go up in smoke dont dump it with waste. Nature Is for Everyones Need and Not for Everyones Greed. Say no to exhaustive cropping, intensive use of artificial pesticides and fertilizers, cutting forest and building housing societies and plazas over fertile land. This mechanization, globalization, industrialization these technological advancements without caring our limits made us proud that we have conquered nature but let me make it very clear on the other hand we have defeated ourselves. This journey from Stone Age to waste age needs an end.

We will have to stop our spades from wounding fragile plant roots understand the fact soil is a living entity as we are. Add carbon to soil enhances its life and health because we will die but the career of carbon will not end with us. It will again return to soil and taken up by the plant and it again become a part of plant and animal life. A healthy soil is indicator of healthy environment, healthy life, a perfect ecosystem and proof that human with humanity are alive.The day we will understand the difference between dirt and soil we will move towards more respect and care for soil. It doesnt have high standards even if we dump garbage in it and it gives us fruit in return soil is meant to give us despite of all the odds and injustice we do with it.If we do not permit the soil to produce beauty and joy, it will in the end not produce food either. The Nation that destroys its soil destroys itself.

Under this set of situations, it is obligatory to save the world soil by creating an awareness campaign to cut short urbanization and industrialization trends on fertile lands. Government should step forward to educate and make constitution to strictly stop the mushroom growth of non-agriculture activities on agriculture soils. Stopping the shrinkage of cultivated lands is not only important for us but also main concern for the food security of the future generations. On the other hand our agriculture experts should come to rescue the bleeding wounded soils by the use of toxic chemicals and fertilizers.

They must introduce the stress resistant varieties of crops which can tolerate drought, insects, pests and can utilize the nutrients efficiently and effectively. The concept of organic farming must be promoted and government should encourage and give incentives to the farmers to opt this technology. The pouring of untreated raw city effluents containing different heavy metals into the agriculture lands must be stopped with the iron hands. The laws are already existing but not implemented. The implementation of laws and policies must be ensured and the industries which are violating the rules must be locked on emergency basis. The soil is such a selfless creature gifted by the Allah Almighty which feed the whole world at the cost of her life but demands nothing in return. Now it is our moral, ethical and religious responsibility to save her otherwise the time will come when regret will be our fate. I made a determination today to love my soil and hope the same from the world.

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