wi-tribe starts Wi Net TV services

STAFF REPORT LHR: The wi-tribe has recently launched its Wi Net TV in Pakistan, a web and app based streaming service that offers over 150 channels.

After 3G/4G roll out in Pakistan, a huge number of people are streaming media content on their handheld devices and this is exactly the segment wi-tribe is aiming to tap.

While wi-tribes Wi Net TV is not the first of its kind service, the company claims that its services are best in class and offer most number of channels as compared to competing services available in the country.

Wi Net TV is providing over 150 high quality live television channels accessible to people anywhere any time, enabling them to access digital television services on their PCs, laptops and smart phones through any internet connection.

Its also supported on all major platforms including iOS/Android/Web so no matter whether youre using your smart phone or your personal computer, entertainment is only a few clicks away.

The company claims that Wi Net TV offers maximum value for money not only through its innovative approach but also through the in-built application features and easy access to entertainment content.

TV streaming on smartphones, PCs and laptops is an exciting service and is opening more options for users in Pakistan.

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