Education improvement boosts competitiveness

STAFF REPORT ISB: Education, one of the central concerns of Pakistans Vision 2025 plan, is becoming more accessible to population, and higher education in particular is moving the country forward in science and technology.

The US is partnering with Pakistan in number of areas to support its economic development, and indeed bilateral cooperation in education is key to this partnership.

In June, it was announced that four Pakistani and three US universities would collaborate on a research project called Center for Advanced Studies (CAS) in order to find innovative solutions to water, agriculture and energy challenges for Pakistan.

The USAID and the HEC are investing $127 million in the project, which will train about a thousand graduates in education, business and governance by applying research solutions in the water, power and agriculture sectors.

NUST will participate in the energy department of CAS, along with the University of Engineering and Technology, Peshawar and Arizona State University. Other participating universities include the University of Agriculture, Faisalabad and the University of California, Davis in the agriculture sector, while MUET, Jamshoro, and the University of Utah will collaborate on finding solutions to challenges in the water sector.

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