Traditional medicines getting popular in Pakistan

STAFF REPORT ISB: President, National Council for Tibb, Dr. Zabta K. Shinwari, has said that can generate high revenues through profitable use of medicinal resources particularly in Baluchistan, which has great potential to attract big international markets, as the country is blessed with bounty of countless medicinal and herbal plant diversity.

He said this while taking attending a session hosted by Ministry of National Health Services for appraisal of traditional medicine.

Besides Dr. Shinwari, the session was attended by Mehmood ul Haq Abbasi, Chairman, National Council for Homeopathy, Representative of Hamdard University, Dr. Khalid, Country WHO advisor, AQ Javed, Director Regulation, and others.

Purpose of the event was to focus on finding appropriate means to ensure effective administration, regulation and management of educational and clinical institutes for traditional medicine. About 4000 years ago, herbal medicine was the most prominent source of treatment and ailment, but with use of allopathic medicine public interest shifted towards prompt recovery. In Pakistan, about five universities are offering five years BEMS program and about thirty five medical colleges are imparting FTJ diploma courses under jurisdiction of NCT.

Mehmood ul Haq said that at present 40% population of Pakistan is relying on Alternative medicines in our country. Therefore, steps may be taken to strengthen its education System and also to regulate the manufacturing of Alternative medicines in the country.

He paid thankful regards to Punjab and KPK Governments for establishing Homoeopathic Dispensaries in district and tehsil headquarters and selected Rural Health Centers wherein Homoeopathic Doctors were appointed in outdoor patients departments.

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