Forests area squeezes from 150,000 to 60,000 sq miles

STAFF REPORT KHI: Experts at the inaugural ceremony of tree plantation campaign have shown concern over the rapid curtailment in forest area in the country from 150,000 square miles to 60,000 square miles. They also said that plantation would not only be beneficial for countrys environmental system but it would also reduce negative effects of global warming.

The ceremony was organised by the University of Karachis Registrar Office in collaboration with KU Centre of Excellence for Women Studies and WWF on the universitys premises.

KUs Registrar and Prof, Institute of Environmental Studies DrMoazzam Ali Khan said that unplanned deforestation in the country had brought many negative impacts on the countrys environmental system due to which she was facing heavy rains, floods, earthquakes, and different natural disasters. He said forests in the country had been hacked to 60,000 square miles from 1,50,000 square miles.

“The government must enforce strict ban on deforestation and take serious measures for ensuring adequate amount of forestation and plantation in the country,” he asserted. He further said that the KUs vice chancellor had also issued special directives to the universitys all departments to participate in the plantation drive.

KU Prof. Dr Khalid Iraqi said for making their society a healthy and environment-friendly, our collective duty is to organise plantation campaigns which will benefit not only us but also the generations to come.

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