Pakistan seeks US support in HR development

STAFF REPORT ISB: Pakistan has sought the assistance of the US for human resource development in the country.

“We are keen to benefit from the strength of the top U.S. universities to train our strategic human resource for transforming Pakistan into a knowledge economy,” said Ahsan Iqbal, Minister for Planning, Development and Reform, at a recently held meeting with US Assistant Secretary Education and Cultural Affairs Evan Ryan.

The minister said that Pakistan-USA knowledge corridor can build a strong bridge between the two countries.

He highlighted the governments efforts to promote primary and higher education, particularly girl education in the country. “The U.S. can partner (with us) to make these efforts a success,” he said. The knowledge corridor has been recognized as an important initiative in a joint statement from both the countries during the Prime Minister Nawaz Sharifs visit to the US last year.

Iqbal said there are challenges in setting up the knowledge corridor. He said Pakistan needs at least 10,000 doctors of philosophies (PhDs) in the next 10 years to meet the growing needs of expanding faculty in higher education sector. “The knowledge corridor will meet the increasing demand of PhDs in Pakistan,” he added.

The minister proposed the development of a group of academicians in USA who should make Pakistan the subject of their research. He also proposed a joint science foundation to finance scholars from both the sides and the start of US-Pakistan strategic dialogue.

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