Zong celebrates being top of PTA QoS survey

STAFF REPORT ISB: The nations 3G and 4G mobile operator, Zong, has been declared the best performer in almost all voice and data service quality elements amongst all local mobile operators in Pakistan, as per official results announced by PTA on its website.

PTA conducted the survey for all aspects of network performance, out of which Zong stood the leading network operator in terms of both voice and data services. Zong led the survey in network accessibility, grade of service, call connection time, call completion ratio, end to end speech quality, SMS success rate and end to end SMS delivery time.

Commenting on this achievement, Zongs Chairman and CEO, Liu Dianfeng said, “We are working very hard to continue to improve our voice and data services and be able to serve the Pakistani community with newer and better products through our most advanced 4G technology.”

Having enough confidence in the local market, Zong will persistently invest in our 4G network to innovate more solutions and help support multiple walks of life in education, health, security, government and the public sector.

We will continue to enhance our network by bringing value to our voice and data services through our 4G connection, at the same time update our 2G to 3G and 4G network in terms of its wide coverage and signal strength to provide far better customer satisfaction in the market.

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