Pakistan, NARO to join hands for farm mechanisation

STAFF REPORT ISB: Pakistan is to work with Uganda to boost the agriculture sector through knowledge and technology transfer of simple farming technologies to farmers.

One of the areas that Pakistan wants to help is in the fabrication of agriculture machinery through the National Agriculture Research Organization (NARO) to increase the agriculture mechanization, according to Ugandas Ambassador to Iran, accredited to Pakistani, Dr. Ahmad Kisuule.

Dr. Kisuule told the media that Pakistan plans to work with the Agricultural Engineering and Appropriate Technology Research Institute, Namalere (AEATRI) a research station in Uganda, specializing in the making agricultural tools for farmers to adopt for better output.

“We want to partner with research centers in Uganda, to make use of machinery like tractors and tools that can help small holder farmers reduce post-harvest loses so as to earn more from their efforts,” said Kisuule.

They also want to help the research station popularize some of the tools made but are never made available to farmers who need them most.

“The situation here is that we have many researches going on but have not been spread to the farmers and the Pakistanis are ready to come in and help,” he added.

Dr. Kisuule presented to a draft memorandum of understanding from Pakistan to the Director General NARO Dr. Ambrose Agona, indicating areas where Pakistan wants to cooperate with NARO.

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