Chitrali engineer develops innovative search engine

STAFF REPORT ISB: A software engineer from far-flung area of Chitral has developed a computer software and search engine

that supports 40 regional languages of Pakistan thus making it possible to compose or search material on internet in all these


Software engineer Rehmat Aziz acquired his school education from a school of his locality but excelled in the field of

information technology on the basis of his personal interest and passion.

“I have received number of local and international awards for my work in the field of information technology including Abdul

Qadeer Khan Gold Medal, Pride of the Nation Award, International Innovation Award and associate fellowship of Royal

Commonwealth Society,” he said.

Rehmat Aziz said if someone wants to write a book or publish a newspaper and other material in these languages then this

software would greatly help in carrying out this task that was otherwise impossible in Pakistan.

He said: “I will not charge any money for purchase of this software because I want the people to read and write in their local

languages using modern technological advancements.”

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