Research is vital for human development: Speakers CIIT workshop

C2 CIIT ISB: No nation could advance without pursuing on research and innovation. All over the world, the quality research is vital and crucial for human development, said by Dr Syed Qandil Abbas, Assistant Professor, Quaid-i-Azam University (QAU) while addressing the participants of the three-day training workshop on Research Methodology: Methods and Tools, organized by COMSATS Institute of Information Technology (CIIT).

Dr Abbas said that the workshop would boost aptitude and capacity of participants in the field of research methodology and help them in practicing their future research projects.

Aqeela Asif, Assistant Professor CIIT, highlighted different challenges related to research and methodology. She said that such trainings are required to equip students and researchers with tools to maintain quality research. She added that research should be high quality in order to make knowledge that is pertinent outside of the research setting with suggestions that go beyond the group. Therefore, it should be compulsory for the researchers of every discipline to get notified with research methodologies.

S M Ali Zaidi, lecturer CIIT, emphasized the need and the consequences of research for social change. He said that nations can progress only through embracing scientific approach to their challenges.

Students of different disciplines participated in the workshop and exhibited their interest and appreciated the learning and activates of the workshop.

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