President for changing curriculum to attaining scientific progress

ISLAMABAD: President Mamnoon called for immediate measures for changing the curriculum to attain scientific progress and called for hanging the traditional mode of thinking for a creative and innovative approach towards science to come at par with developed countries.

The President made the remarks while addressing the inaugural ceremony of the 41st International Nathiagali Summer College on Physics and Contemporary Needs. He lauded the efforts of Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission (PAEC) over the past four decades for hosting the Nathiagali Summer College for the development of science and technology in the country.

The President said that PAEC and similar institutions should present viable recommendations to the Government in the light of their experiences to encourage the children to pursue education in these disciplines from their early academic life. He said nations have excelled in the fields of industry, trade, defence and economy on the basis of science and technology and creative thinking.

“In this respect, private and government educational institutions need to pay attention toward the field of science,” the President said. He said that young generation was intelligent and talented but there was a need to guide them in the right direction. If they were imparted proper training then they can play a distinctive role in the development of country, said the President. He said that it was everyone’s responsibility to revitalise country’s academic and research institutions by inculcating scientific thinking in the new generation.

He called for providing them with all required resources and facilities to enable them pursue research activities in true academic spirit.

The President stressed upon the need to further improve the condition of existing libraries in Pakistan. He called for establishing new libraries while linking existing ones with leading libraries of the world to help young scientists and researchers access information from around the world.

The President noted that the youngsters were often able to generate new and useful ideas while working on various research projects but due to financial limitations and lack of opportunities, they were unable to introduce these inventions at industrial level.

“If we can establish strong linkages between our academic and scientific institutions with the industrial sector then we can make further progress in the scientific field,” the President said.

President Mamnoon said Summer College and other such research institutions should come forward and present suggestions to the government and educational institutions so as to put the country on the path to progress.

The President noted with appreciation that a large number of institutions affiliated with education and research were attending the event.

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