Investment in genetics research emphasised

MANSEHRA: Pakistan should invest in research on skin diseases to prevent the incidence of

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these conditions, says Dr. Musharraf Jilani of King Abdul Aziz University Saudi Arabia.

Addressing a public lecture at Hazara University on Monday, Dr Musharraf Jilani said most skin

diseases are hereditary and can be controlled through advance medical research in Pakistan.

“Developed countries have successfully controlled the spread of skin diseases through research

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in genetics. Pakistan suffers from a high incidence of skin diseases. The country should invest in

research to tackle skin diseases,” he commented.

HU Vice Chancellor Dr Habib Ahmed said genetic research plays an important role in

developing agriculture sciences. It also plays a vital role in medical sciences. It can help combat

with challenges to human health, he added.

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According to the Vice Chancellor, a proposal has been submitted to Higher Education

Commission for setting up a centre for human genetics at the varsity.

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