Government pledges to encourage tree plantation across Pakistan

Government pledges to encourage the plantation of 100 million trees across Pakistan under a prime minister’s Green Pakistan programme to improve the environmental condition of Pakistan. The World Bank is offering US$100 million to the Pakistani government’s initiative. The Green Pakistan Program was formally launched this year and received extremely high motivation when the World Bank declared it is US$100 million to the Pakistani government’s initiative. The World Bank’s promises when the government declared Pakistan’s first marine protected area Astola Island. An activity which makes up a little for a generally troubling record on environmental change.

The federal government’s commitment to protecting Pakistan’s climate this initiative has received applauses from both the national and international community. It was the KP government that took an initiative to plant 1 billion trees in KP and raised empathy for an environment amongst leaders. Then the government of Balochistan which proclaimed Astola Island as a marine protected area in its 2017-18 budget. Sindh government has reserved Rs. 448 million for green Pakistan campaign. It’s very positive to see that all provincial government is also supporting the federal government’s initiative.

The most important thing at this stage is tantamount to raise a word of caution. Pakistanis often make promises later that were left unfulfilled by our leaders. Zahid Hamid, mentioned the minister for climate change, in a briefing to the Senate, Pakistan is one of the ten countries most threatened by climate change. It is absolutely essential, therefore, that the federal and provincial governments achieve their commitments and strive to make our environment better. For environmental protection government must review their projects that are or that can be affecting our environment. This includes large scale projects such as dams which threaten local biodiversity, and power generation projects such as nuclear power and thermal power plants. If it continues to rely on and expand Pakistan’s reliance on thermal power generation to meet the country’s energy needs then the claims of the government of caring for the environment will ring a hollow tune if it continues to rely on and expand Pakistan’s reliance on thermal power generation to meet the country’s energy needs. Similarly, policy makers must also cover city environmental damage that hurts the less privileged. Although not specifically an example of an ecological catastrophe, a recent fire in Grenfell Tower London, shows how poor planning and weak infrastructure cause the greatest damage to individuals who cannot afford adequate living conditions. The class dimensions of city environmental damage can be overlooked. Pakistan needs to be able to overcome all the threats of climate change only if meeting the challenges.

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