Pakistan falling downward in marathon of innovation ranking

Pakistan has been ranked 113 out of 127 according to Global Innovation Index (GII) 2017 just only shadowed by countries like Nigeria, Zambia and the war destroyed country Yemen. Co- published by Cornell University, INSEAD and the World Intellectual Property Organization. Switzerland has outdone the list for the seventh time in a row followed by Sweden and Netherlands. GII is a unique tool for refining innovation policies for providing an accurate picture on the role of science, technology and innovation in sustainable development. Innovation is the primary pillar for the development of any country. Economies of the world progressing just because of they are stressing over innovating and developing new products or services which ultimately gives them a competitive benefit over the nations far behind the race. Technology Innovation will bring the fourth industrial revolution. Despite of having best brains, Pakistan is falling in GII report which create alarming situation that why we are lagging? What reasons contribute for the lack of our innovative and creative capabilities? Our scientific and technological community fear and discourage to trying new things and want to borrow the path provided by our ancestors. Instead of finding the new paths our relevant quarters prefer to practice tested ones. This attitude is ultimately threatening the educated class. System of learning have very much importance to clarify the concept which theory based learning cannot do so. Linking both theory with practice is what can make one comprehend a particular concept but sadly this is not the culture of Pakistan. In progressive countries, the key link to innovation is the connection between industry and academia. Research is being done in Universities but these are businesspersons alter the research based product into a business idea. Generating research based product and its marketing is two different things. But in our country, there is gap between universities and industry which is widening this gap. Local private sector does not seem to be interested in any research based spending. As well as, brain drain always has been a major factor that hamper the innovation. Collectively all these problems will slow down the process of innovation. To make Pakistan to stands in first row in GII report we need increased amount of Gross National Product (GNP) and improved standard of scientific and technological education across nation’s educational institutions. As nation, we, despite of having the true aptitude and determination we are too nervous to dream big and challenge to create a truly global success story. The societal pressure also discourages us to innovate as innovation is always riskier and the fear of being ridiculed will kills the innovator’s dream.

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