Science Communication- The missing genre

Quality of people’s life is transformed in last hundred years because of scientific research. Science has great potential to do a lot more but it depends on how well scientific research is communicated to general mases. Science has revolutionized and transformed industry, and has fundamentally altered the quality of life.  It does this by utilizing the best available logic and evidence to a range of important topics. At the same time, many people in Pakistan are learning and using scientific research; here it is important question which needs to be answer about whether, and to what extent government is supporting scientific research, and what impact that research is creating for a common Pakistani. These questions are noticeable in many ways — from complaints about how colleges and universities are funded to questions about the role that legislatures should play in directing government agencies’ scientific agendas. It is for sure that if we need to communicate and to increase science’s public value we must improve communication. For the purpose to improve in other parts of the world academic communities are continually improving science communication to implement courses including unambiguous training in communication of science and technology to general audience as a part of basic science curricula at the graduate and undergraduate level as well. On the other hand, in Pakistan there is huge lack of science communicator. If we give a close look to newspaper and talk show we will soon realize that there is a hole that should not to be there; and in media, it is not to be found. Whenever it comes to covering science and technology media as a whole, electronic format as well in print, be consistent that it will not fascinate the viewer or reader. But unfortunately, the situation is opposite that it is not in the best interest of media houses. Pakistan continues to produce outstanding journalist in every fields; so, why not in the Science and technology? It is because of that we have a very few number of trained scientists to communicate the value of what they do to researchers outside of their subfields or discipline. In universities of Pakistan science journalism is not treating as a subject and in outcome in industry there is no human resource in media organizations (electronic & print). To maximize the impact and significance of science communication there is need to develop a great understanding and deeper knowledge of how to more effectively serve the important topic to audience which they desire. As a starting point, there ought to be exchange of professionals between academia and industry so that they both come to know the demands of their communities.  Scientific funding agencies and universities can incentivize such expertise because with every new day profound stories are continuing to produce which need to be popularize. Our thoughts and lives are inferior just because of not knowing about them; so ultimately resulting poor science popularization in Pakistan.

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