Pakistan’s GDP is to be increased 6% in next 10 years: researchers

Pakistan’s GDP will have an average 6% growth in over next 10 years has been predicted by researchers from Harvard University’s center for international.

Irfan Daultana, PML-N leader, and Member Punjab Assembly said that economic stability brought by the PML-N government in the country has made it possible.

He said, ” Various international institutions have acknowledged Pakistan as a fast mounting economy after sage economic policies of PML-N “.

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He said that during the fiscal year 2016-17 Pakistan’s GDP growth was recorded at 5.3% after substantial of agriculture and services.

” Agriculture sector got 9.7% growth till April 2017 because the government offered easy loans and other facilities to the farmers. “, he added.

He said that iron and steel products got 20.26% growth, while automobile 11.41%, pharmaceuticals 9.1%, electronics 15.11% etc.

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He said the number of initiatives has been taken by government to increase exports. An important initiative for controlling trade deficit, he added.

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