Climate Change and Depletion of Ozone layer

Ozone layer depletion is one of the most serious problem faced our planet. Ozone layer is present in the middle layer of the atmosphere in the stratosphere.

It is damaging our life on earth and is mainly caused by the halogenated hydrocarbons such as CFCs, halons, methyl bromide and HCFCs. These chemical substance are depleted our ozone layer. The agricultural activities and burning of fossil fuels increasing the greenhouse gases (GHGs) emission; particularly nitrous oxide, methane and carbon dioxide. These greenhouse gases (GHGs) are a main reasons behind our climate change. Greenhouse gases emission and ozone layer depletion ozone hole_ are the examples of the mankind activities.

Ozone hole is created by the emission of the chlorofluorocarbon (CFCs) and other toxic chemicals such as bromine and chlorine. In recent decades two main problems are related. First, the circulation pattern and temperature of stratosphere is effected by the climate change. Climate change have impact on the chemical and physical processes which determine the state of ozone layer. Secondly, the ozone layer depletion and the hole of the Antarctic region have an effect on the climate of troposphere surface. Ozone is a colorless gas. The ozone layer is what which saves us from the ultraviolet radiations (UV) of the sun. Ozone layer absorbs these harmful ultraviolet rays of sun which protects us from the various health diseases. Ultraviolet radiations are emitted by sun which if enters the atmosphere can cause many dangerous environmental issues such as global earth warming.

“We have only one earth. We must save it”

Causes Of Ozone layer:

Man-made group of greenhouse gas such as Chlorofluorocarbon (CFCs) is likely a main reason behind the destruction of ozone depletion. Chlorofluorocarbons are not come back to the earth surface by rainfall or other chemical reactions. This is right to say the chlorofluorocarbon do not break down in the lower surface of the atmosphere. The CFCs remain in the atmosphere from several years and more. As a result of the relatively stability, instead of CFCs transported into atmospheric layer of stratosphere where CFCs are broken down due to the ultraviolet (UV) rays emitted from the sun, emitting free chlorine. The major portion of the ozone layer is destroyed due to the chlorine. And other important compound such as bromine and halons can also destroy the stratospheric zones. As the consequences of the ozone layer depletion, the two ozone molecules are replaced by the O3, and chlorine is moving freely in the atmosphere and repeat the process.

Effect of Ozone layer depletion:

The negative impacts of the ozone layer depletion on the earth surface. The earth is the main habitat for many organisms. The ozone layer depletion have negative effect on plants, animals and other health related issue in humans. Generally, human population are suffered from many diseases due to the ozone layer depletion such as Eyes damage, skin cancer, skin aging and damage of human immune system etc.

  1. Eye damage: Ultraviolet rays are dangerous for eyes. The direct exposure of the eyes can increased the risk of eyes problems such as snow blindness and cataract problems etc.
  2. Skin Cancer: Skin cancer diseases are happened due to the mankind activities. The exposure to the ultraviolet rays (UV) from the sun can increase the risk options for the man. These UV rays increased the risk for many other types of cancer such as squamous, basal and malignant melanoma.
  • Skin Aging: The direct exposure to the UV rays can increased the skin aging process. Then the result will be looking so elder than what you actually are. The problems of Allergy and rashes are due to the UV rays.
  1. Damage of immune system: Our immune system is most vulnerable to the ultraviolet rays (UV). The weakness of our immune systems are also due to the direct exposure to the UV rays.

Preventive measures:

            We can save our healthy life from the harmful effects of ultraviolet rays (UV). These prevention and safety measures can save our life from the harmony effect of the ultraviolet rays (UV). Here some important solution to save our ozone layer.

  1. To Stop the CFCs Products: Avoid the use of the CFCs products. Which accurate the CFCs emission in the atmosphere which damage our environment.


  1. Use of Recycled Products: we have the only one earth. The solution to the ozone depletion are easy but we must be willing that we accept these changes.
  • Renewable Energy: Coal power plants are main source of ozone layer depletion. They may also helped to acidify the oceans and also emit the CFCs compound into the earth atmosphere. To switch off these power plants and replaced by the other renewable resources such as wind and solar. The ozone layer will recover after these adaptations in the society.
  1. Limit the use of pesticides: Pesticides are the easy way to control the weeds and pest populations but it is harmful to the ozone layer.  Higher use of pesticides are effecting our environment along with pollutions and GHGs emission (NO2).The best way for the ozone layer would be used to natural remedies.
  2. Limit the personal drive: An easy way to save the ozone layer by limit our personal drive. Public transport, bicycling and walking are the best way to control the ozone layer depletion. The best way to control the ozone layer we must be purchase zero emission engine or hybrid.

 This article is collectively authored by Rao M Sajjad Sharif1* and Zahoor Ahmad2 –1Institute of Soil and Environmental Science, University of Agriculture Faisalabad 2Cholistan Institute of Desert Studies, The Islamia University of Bahawalpur.

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