US-Pakistan S&T Cooperation announced research grants

Pakistan along with United States has announced Friday awarding of science and technology cooperative research grants.

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The grants will be awarded to 14 joint teams by US-Pakistan Science and Technology Cooperation Programme, Department of State and the United States Agency for International Development, and implemented by the US National Academy of Sciences in coordination with HEC Pakistan has cofund the project, said a US embassy statement.

US and Pakistan are having this 7th round of science and technology research grants program.  This research grants will strengthen scientific and technical cooperation in economic in health, water, agriculture, and energy, as per statement.

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Collaboration between Pakistani scientists and institutions and their American counterparts increases in due to this joint venture.

“This program will strengthen cooperation and linkages between Pakistani scientists and US institutions.  We will work together for strengthening academic institutions and edifice a stronger Pakistan.” Congratulating the researchers, Tim Donnay, the Acting Mission Director for USAID in Pakistan, said:

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S&T Cooperation Programme has funded 110 collaborative research projects through a transparent, merit-based, joint decision-making process since 2005, the statement said.


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