Month: December 2017

Custard Apple-Introduction and importance

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article image Custard apple fruit is an eatable, tropical, naturally sweet in taste. Its botanical name is Annona reticulata L. in family Annonaceae. It is known with different names in different countries, also termed as “sweetsop’’ or as “sugar apple”. In some English areas it is also known as “Bull’s heart” due to its structural appearance. Indians know […]…Read More

NIC Islamabad has announced its third Cohort

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National Incubation Center (NIC) Islamabad, launched under the public-private partnership of Ministry of Information Technology and Telecom (MOITT), Ignite (formerly National ICT R & D Fund), Jazz and Teamup. NIC will start accepting applications for its 3rd Cohort. To apply to this incubation program in Pakistan Startups are encouraged from across the country. The National […]…Read More

‘Roshan Pakistan’ app to inform load shedding schedule

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‘Roshan Pakistan, an app for electricity is introduced by the federal government. This new app will notify customers about power outages and billing details. Android smartphone users can download this app as it is available at Google Play Store. ‘Roshan Pakistan’, android app, is launched under the banner of Power Information Technology Company (PITC). Apart […]…Read More

Canada offering relaxation in visa policy for Pakistani tech startups

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Canadian government is open to provide a 52-week work permit or a permanent resident to Pakistani tech startups for better connectivity and penetration in the international market. Pakistani startups and entrepreneurs will have tickets to the Toronto-Waterloo region, also known as the Silicon Valley North. The Silicon Valley is home to many tech startups and […]…Read More

PEC accused of issuing ‘illegal’ licenses to foreign firms

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Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC) administration is accused by seven senior members of their governing body. The allegations against administration were that they are issuing a license to foreign firms for execution of construction and operation projects worth billions of rupees without joint ventures (JVs) with Pakistani companies. This action is causing acute damage to economy […]…Read More

Transgenic Animals: Where are we standing in 21st Century?

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article image In the last century, the field of biology has advanced a great deal by the integration of modern technologies developed as a result of better understanding of the genomes of living beings. Around forty years back the field of biology took a gigantic leap of genetic engineering with the discovery of recombinant DNA technology. By […]…Read More

Telenor Youth Forum ‘16 alumni wins prestigious ‘Queen’s Young Leaders’ award for digital learning project

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PR: Haroon Yasin, a Telenor Pakistan Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Partner and Telenor Youth Forum (TYF) 2016 alumnus passionate about transforming the Pakistani educational landscape and making quality learning accessible to the underprivileged youth, has won the prestigious ‘Queen’s Young Leaders’ Award for his digital learning project ‘Orenda’. In June 2018, Haroon will be traveling to […]…Read More

Use Botanical Driven Essential Oils Against Ectoparsites of Veterinary Importance

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article image The control of ectoparasites of veterinary importance using synthetic neurotoxic insecticides has been gradually challenged by the progress of insecticide resistance contrary to lice, mites and ticks. Two or three terpene or terpenoid components are the main parts of the essential oils, which create up to 29.99% of the oil. The insecticidal or acaricidal effectiveness […]…Read More