A megawatt saved is better than a megawatt produced

ELECTRICITY CONSUMERS of Pakistan are facing power outages for many years. Electricity load shedding has become a common phenomenon which public has accepted by hook or crock. Demand and supply gap has hampered the economic activities, social life is miserable and so on so forth. Un-interrupted power supply is a distant dream, even public is no more dreaming for it. It is clearly observed that continues increase in cost of energy, growing demand, along with decreasing energy resources has decreasing countries’ economies across the globe. Our neighborhood brotherly country China; once was also an energy deficit country, but over the span of a decade, it has improved the power shortage situation by managing to reduce energy consumption, that resultantly cut the per unit cost of output by half and constantly on its way to enhance it. It is better to reduce energy consumption prior to planning of development projects. Most significantly, efforts in energy efficiency can prevent the need to bring units for meeting consumer demand especially at peak time. Peak units are most expensive source of power generation and it can be avoided with shift use from peak time, it will fund millions of dollars of saving for the consumer and for government as well. Use of energy efficient appliance domestically will pay more electricity to the consumer during peak time. Saving in volume of electricity over the lines of transmission and distribution can also contribute in lessening pressure on the system thus decrease transmission and distribution losses. Our consumers are not aware of potential energy savings as they can get by embracing easy measures such as replace their inefficient appliances with energy efficient versions, change in building designs to overcome energy losses or with installing solar system and to minimize the burden on grids and can also sell access power to country’s national energy grid. To address Pakistan Alternative Energy Development Board exercised on developing net metering regulations and it is approved by National Electric Power Regulatory Authority for power generation up to 1MW from solar and wind. In addition, if commercial bodies like hospitals, educational institutes and public and private buildings install alternate power generation then it would be very beneficial for our country. It can boost green energy in the country by 5000 to 7000 megawatts which is potentially enough to overcome the country’s electricity shortfall in a peak time demand in summer. It is high time to make energy conservation a part of policy more than of just lip service. It is badly needed in change of attitudes and lifestyles at national level for electricity conservation. It is the only short-term plan which can bridge the gap between supply and demand. The government should take strict measures to implement energy conservation so that this discipline is enhanced among customers via awareness campaigns. As we all are well aware to experts saying, “A megawatt saved is better than megawatt produced”. If energy efficiency and conservation of energy is deployed in Pakistan then these efforts will ease national pressure on domestic gas, and will reduce the need of energy imports.

Author: Editorial

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