Intellectual & social exchange: 345 Campus

“At Telenor, innovation is not achieved through sophisticated equipment, or high-tech settings, only. We believe in our associates and colleagues, and the cooperative working environment we have developed here at our new campus gives our employees the liberty and suppleness to form innovative solutions that supplement our ambitions”, said by Irfan Wahab, CEO Telenor Pakistan while briefing the media at Telenor’s new campus 345.

“This USD 75M purpose-built campus is an affirmative remembrance that Telenor is persistently continuing its investment commitments in Pakistan. 345 invigorates our assurance to empower Pakistan and we enter the new Campus with a rejuvenated zeal and zest for confirming social enablement and digital and financial inclusion”, he further added.

Telenor’s new 345 Campus is an exciting and creative workplace. This campus brings diverse people and their ideas from all across Pakistan and around the globe in an environment which provides potential for intellectual and social exchange.

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The physical characteristic and quality of new purpose-built campus is defined by its building, its open spaces, its large lush green lawns, and specially its stunningly designed stepped ponds, inspired by old “Baolis” theme.

The campus itself has the great potential for unifying and equalizing the shared space, which promotes the sense of community, derived from Telenor’s workforce diversity culture. This theme nurtures the experiences of both scheduled and chance encounter with seniors and top management.

Consist of walkways, courtyards, gardens, play area, thematic zones, outdoor meeting points the building has the potential to join together the diverse groups of the campus in a subtle and coherent way.

Halls, walkways and staircases are wide and daylit, that foster people to dwell between their appointment in hopes of have a creative impact. The workplace performance itself improves by natural light, which is very much integrated in the building design.

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The Campus is planned to be ‘environment friendly’ so, it has least possible damage to the environment. The facility is designed as all kind of sustainable and energy efficient solutions.

The building and its central tower is built with rammed earth. Rammed earth cladding not only creates a maintenance free façade element but also, with its thermal mass, increases the indoor environmental comfort and energy efficiency of the building.

The ponds not only cool the environment but also used for water recycling and rain water harvesting. The structure consists of low flow fixtures, earthquake resistant, double glazed efficient windows, so it doesn’t allow heat to escape which helps to reduce energy requirements, and save energy.

The building has 230KW solar panels to share the electricity needs, which can further enhance in future. To make this facility more energy efficient, the dynamic chilled beams, LED lights, thermal insulation and tenancy sensors are installed. The esthetic and environment friendly features of this Campus makes it one of its kind environment friendly wonder in Pakistan.

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This campus is built on 15.5 acres of land, offers 80 multipurpose, 20 project, and 32 well-equipped meeting rooms, along with library and training facility. There is also a fitness, and a day-care center, a medical, and a retiring room. The most innovative startup garage, exploration, social, and gaming zones, and open terraces of the building enriches the productive environment.

This Campus accommodates 1300 employees with the facility of cafeteria, coffee, and pit shop, and 500 vehicles parking space.

There is also much more to do while having meetings, taking the stairs or going in search of caffeine at café zones providing breaks to let the minds roam for innovation and creativity. On the whole, 345 is a well-planned facility to foster the culture of intellectual and social exchange of brilliant minds of the telecom industry.

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