Shaping Champions for the new economy

Shaping Champions: Thirty-Seven Asian entrepreneurs for the efounders fellowship Asia program were selected for the eFounders initiative launched by China’s Alibaba group.

The Selected entrepreneurs were from Pakistan, Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, and Vietnam.

The Pakistani entrepreneurs were selected for the efounders fellowship Asia program launched by Alibaba. The selected Pakistani students for the global program is Anum Kamran from, Muhammad Komail from Findmyadventure Hamza, Ifikhar from DealSmash and Furqan Kidwai from


The launched of the efounders fellowship Asia program comes after the success of the inaugural class for 24 African participants.

All participants are founders of their respective start-up companies, ranging from e-commerce, big data, logistics, fintech, payment and tourism.

The 11 day course was set up for the selected entrepreneurs include workshops, lectures, site visiting and future plain sessions.

Alibaba Business School has set strict criteria under which the aspirant should be under the age of 35; working in the digital and technology space operating open platforms related to e-commerce, payment, logistics, big data or tourism; be an authentic, open-minded and altruistic leader of the new economy.

Be at an inflection point in their careers; looking to move from success to significance with integrity, vision and drive; and be a founder or co-founder of an officially registered digital technology venture.

These Pakistani entrepreneurs who successfully completed their training in china with Alibaba group while return back to Pakistan they share their experience about what they learn working in environment with the Jack Ma the founder of the Alibaba groups.

The efounders Fellowship is a two-week course for entrepreneurs in developing countries who are operating open, platform-based businesses in the ecommerce, logistics, big data, and tourism spaces. The program will provide first-hand exposure to and learning about ecommerce innovations from China and around the world that enabled growth and a more inclusive development model for all.

They share their experience with the young entrepreneurs and said that was one of the hardest journey but we learn a lot. Accomplishing your goals is not simple and we wanted to spread our knowledge to the future young entrepreneurs so that they cannot face the same problems we gone through.

During the session frequent questions were asked from them regarding their experience being there in China about the services they provide to the people and mostly the important question was what advice you would give to the young entrepreneurs coming up the ranks.

The answer was very simple believing on yourself can lead you to the success believe on your potential hard work determination, commitment and never give up these are the steps need to be taken to touches the heights of success.

We want to see Pakistan prosperous in the field on Ecommerce and we want to reach out to youth and include them in the work we do for inclusive and sustainable economic growth.

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