Highest yielding garlic variety locally developed by PARC scientists

To determine the potential of newly developed garlic variety, a meeting of variety evaluation committee (VEC) held at PARC Headquarters, Islamabad. The meeting was chaired by Dr. Anjum Ali Member Plant Sciences, PARC. The VEC consist of agricultural research scientist from all over Pakistan.

PARC meeting of VEC to determine potential of newly developed garlic variety
Dr. Anjum Ali Member Plant Sciences, PARC chairing the meeting of variety evaluation committee (VEC) held at PARC Head quarters, Islamabad.

Currently, Pakistan is spending huge amount on garlic import due to higher demand and low yield potential of existing varieties in the country. Pakistan is presently importing 34375 tons of garlic from China, India and Chile of worth about PKR 66.21 billions. To cater the present demand and yield gap, the Garlic Variety Development Program was started at Vegetable Crop Research Program, Horticultural Research Institute, NARC.

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The scientists from the Pakistan Agriculture Research Council (PARC), apex agricultural research institution of the country appreciated the efforts of team. They said that they are trying hard to make available garlic seed for farmers before October when growing season starts.

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It has higher nutrient contents and medicinal value with suitability to pharmaceutical, food processing industry and household level. Moreover, farmers’ income will increase due to low expenditure on plant protection and higher yield potential, ultimately reducing the import bill.

The new variety NARC-G1 is unanimously approved by all the committee members. All the parameters for yield and yield components were discussed in detail and found outstanding. Main features of the variety were presented by Noor Alam Khan National Coordinator Horticulture PARC and detail data was presented by the principal breeder Humayun Khan.

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The new garlic variety named “NARC-G1” is the highest garlic variety among all the existing garlic varieties in Pakistan. The quality is superior and the variety gives 26 tons per hectare yield. Dr. Anjum Ali Butter, Member, Plant Sciences appreciated the efforts of PARC Scientists for developing agricultural sector in Pakistan.

Garlic is the member of the same family as onion, the Amaryllidaceae family. Mostly garlic to market as whole fresh bulbs, escapes or green-garlic form. It has higher nutrition value compared to other bulb crops.

The medicinal value of garlic is enormous, it has antibacterial properties, and widely used in household. It is rich in calcium, phosphorus and carbohydrates.

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