OPPO Find X with specs bound is a real futuristic phone

OPPO, Selfie Expert is in the limelight with its offering of the bezel-less, notch free flagship smartphone. With focus on detail, color, production, you will find careful deliberation, testing and refinement in every OPPO product.

OPPO, Selfie Expert is in the limelight with its offering of the bezel-less, notch free flagship smartphone

For the last ten years, OPPO has been focusing on manufacturing camera phones, while innovating mobile photography technology breakthroughs.

It’s amazed to see how it has rejuvenated its ‘FIND’ series and has launched the futuristic flagship phone, ‘Find X’ which is marked as the most expensive phone in Pakistan till date.

The OPPO Find X offers a traditional design that fuses modern technology making it visually appealing. Their focus is on delivering the most breathtaking products to their consumers. And no wonder they are flourishing as the future Smartphone manufacturer in the world.

OPPO Finx X launching

OPPO Find X has been launched in Europe with a whooping price of 999 Euros. This new model, which features bezel-less notch free 6.42-inch screen is OPPO’s attempt to compete with smartphone giants like Apple and Samsung.

The most notable feature is its front and rear pop-up camera in place of a front-facing module fitted inside a display notch, as is the case on the iPhone X and a number of Android copycat devices.

The new Find X has a natural design which shows no redundant element in the body and is truly a piece of art. Find X is a flagship smartphone with unified design, panoramic arc screen and gradient glass design and stealth 3D camera.

Some of its other amazing features include O-Face recognition, 25MP front camera, AI-enhanced dual camera; ColorOS 5.1 System, SnapDragon 845, 8GB RAM and 256GB ROM. What’s the price of such an amazing product?

OPPO Find X with VOOC Flash Charge edition is for 129,999 Rupees. It will be available for sale in Pakistan from August.

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