Paypal should come Pakistan in four months: Asad Umar

To boost IT sector in the country there’s an appalling need to implement a PayPal service for online payment system.

Paypal should come Pakistan in four months Asad Umar

Keeping in mind the alarming state of affairs Pakistan Finance Minister Asad Umar has given four months deadline to the IT and Telecom Ministry to bring PayPal services into Pakistan which is a very hard-hitting dispute.

PayPal is an online money transfer system, bringing this service in Pakistan could help the country’s businesses, consumers and especially the freelancers as Pakistan’s freelance market ranked fourth in terms of earning and they use informal channel to take their payments from abroad. IT sector can get more benefit from this service because it enhances the outsourcing, e-commerce industry.

Bringing financial service in Pakistan is not the first attempt, the previous government also put efforts but their efforts are not fruitful. In order to engage PayPal services, Pakistan should have to arrange a meet up with the CEO of the Company. If we didn’t get what we need then ‘Ministry of IT and Telecom’ – MoITT required implementing the homeground online payment gateway for the brighter future of potential market.

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