IoTA Pak brings vehicle trackers with innovative solutions

Rabia Javed and Mohammad Musa Mazhar of IoTA Pakistan Private Limited initiated the startup offering vehicle trackers with modern preventive and detective checks in a very cost effective way.

IoTA Pak brings vehicle trackers with innovative solutions

Many other vehicle trackers are available in the market that is expensive and complicated, but the uniqueness in this vehicle tracker is checks and numerous benefits like very cost-effective trackers.

Startup tracker available at very low price almost half the price compared to the currently present trackers in the market with an emerging level of 20% growth. So, everyone can get this tracker and bump up the vehicle business by tracking checks.

These vehicle trackers provide internal information of vehicles and track the behavior of drivers, making it feasible for organizations with a large flow.

The product is based on artificial intelligence (AI), which becomes the most revolutionized product in the future by modifying the tracker that if there is a deep hole ahead, the vehicle will automatically apply brakes or if there is blocking on the route of the car, then through the help of Google maps, it will alarm the driver so, that he could take another route and avoid traffic jams.

The tracker can help improve the traffic system of Pakistan through the data it will generate while observing drivers’ behavior. In case, a vehicle meets an accident the system will be able to send alarm to a nearby police station, hospital and rescue workers. Bringing these innovative startups can transformed the country through almost every aspect.

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