Nest I/O brings 021Disrupt conference on entrepreneurship and innovation

021Disrupt conference on entrepreneurship and innovation will be held in Karachi on 1oth and 11th of November 2018 by Tech incubator The Nest I/O.


Nest I/O brings  021Disrupt conference on entrepreneurship and innovation at karachi


The Nest I/O is a tech incubator and a community hub launched by P@SHA (Pakistan Software Houses Association for IT & ITES) and a global partner of Google for Entrepreneurs.

The upcoming 021Disrupt Conference highlight the startup ecosystem aimed to initiate conversations with global relevance and address challenges emerging worldwide. 

 The Nest I/O brings 021Disrupt conference which will mark a line-up of local and international speakers and founders of several prominent and successful startups.

021Disrupt is expected to attract over 20 international guests, 30 local speakers, and more than 10 vice chancellors, in addition to more than 600 entrepreneurs, professionals, and students.

021Disrupt conference will bring a new addition this year providing a platform that will be giving startups the opportunity to deliver crank pitches to a live audience of investors, mentors, founders, professionals, and people coming from all across.

Conference on entrepreneurship and innovation format will allow participants to associate with speakers, investors, influencers, mentors, and other professionals in attendance.

The initiative provides potential entrepreneurs with space, infrastructure, facilities, and knowledge sessions.

The Nest I/O brings the 021Disrupt conference, in which the entrepreneurs from various cities of Pakistan exhibited and discussed the emerging startup industry of the country.

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One-on-one sessions with leading VC’s and investors from home and abroad will be offered to select participants during the 021Disrupt conference.

The ultimate goal of the startup ecosystem can either promote healthy entrepreneurship leading to economic growth and prosperity of a country.


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