14th International Conference on Natural Product Sciences

The 14th International Conference on Natural Product Sciences held by University of Karachi’s International Center for Chemical and Biological Sciences (ICCBS).

14th International Conference on Natural Product Sciences

Science has worldwide values that can viaduct the gap among the nations. Scientific thinking is a culture which needs to be promoted particularly in Muslim World.

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Global radicalism can be resolved by promoting scientific culture in the world.Medicinal plants and natural products are a colossal source for new medicines to battle major diseases for instance malaria, cancer, AIDS and others.

English Scientists Dr Tom Simpson and Dr Michael D Threadgill, Dr Kamala Kamal (Azerbaijan), Dr Mannan (Lebanon), Dr Nohad A Al Omari (Iraq), Dr Rami Mamdouh Arfeen (Palestine), Dr Rahim Jantan (Malaysia), Dr Alain Krief (Belgium), Dr Belgi Sener (Turkey), Dr M Jamaluddin Ahmed and ICCBS Director Dr Muhammad Iqbal Choudhary chaired the International symposium on natural product sciences.

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All scientists across the globe shared their valued ideas during the convention.Over 600 scientists, including 100 foreigners, from 40 countries participated in the convention, which is considered as one of the most impressive international events in the meadow of natural product sciences.

During the convention, many foreign scientists agreed as appendage faculty to serve International Center for Chemical and Biological Sciences-University of Karachi.

It is also worth mentioning here that various agreements between the international centre and research institutions of different countries were also made for the promotion of science and research.

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Science united the whole of humanity. Science could put an end to global radicalism and fundamentalism in the world. This fanaticism can be resolved by promoting scientific culture among the nations.

Through science and technology nations can bridge the gap, and slot themselves in a productive and useful discourse for common human values. Science must need to boost innovation and promote interest for endorsement of science and creativity on national products.

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