4th Invention to Innovation Summit, KP-2018 at CECOS University, Peshawar

4th Invention to Innovation Summit, KP-2018, to be held on 22-23 November at CECOS University, Peshawar.

4th Invention to Innovation Summit,  KP-2018 at CECOS University, Peshawar

The “Innovation Summits” are hosted annually in all the 04 Provinces of Pakistan to strengthen National R&D network (research and development) for promotion of Science and Technology S&T based economic development in Pakistan.

A session on “Popularizing Science through Science Communications” will be on 22nd of November at 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm at 4th invention to innovation summit KP-2018 will be hosted by Technology Times in collaboration with University of Buner.

The objective of session is to popularize science through effective science communication in broader context. This Session is designed to equip participants with core knowledge required to plan, implement and evaluate Science Communication activities in order to make complex science accessible to general public.

Innovation Summits offer open entry for technology species, academic and industrial stalls, free poster display, cash and non-cash awards, technical presentation sessions and networking with potentional partners.

Watch Innovation Summits @ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RlAYLbcDdgk

Follow summits @ http://www.innovationsummit.net/

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