Pakistan unveils GIDS Shahpar drone at IDEAS 2018

Pakistan introduced brand-new multi role drone entitled as “GIDS Shahpar” in the International Defense Exhibition and Seminar ‘IDEAS 2018’ held in Karachi systematized under the guidance of Defense Export Promotion Organization (DEPO).

Pakistan unveils GIDS Shahpar drone at IDEAS 2018

IDEAS 2018 brings in concert defense industry personae from different parts of the world to showcase their valuable innovations universally.

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Global Industrial and Defense Solution (GIDS) developed Shahpar drone and is introduced during IDEAS 2018. Vice Chief of Naval Staff Kaleem Shaukat introduced the Shahpar drone in the international defense symposium 2018.

The Shahpar drone has a capability to fly at the height of 17000 feet for maximum 7 hours. Global Industrial and Defense Solution (GIDS) Shahpar is the medium range tactical Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) System that supports self-directed take-off and landing.

Toting up, Shahpar drone can carry diverse nature of payloads for the day and night scrutiny. Its other features are geo referencing and geo pointing for terrestrial targets, mission planning, lateral, longitudinal trajectory control, management and control.

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GIDS Shahpar drone has the ordinary look but the advanced Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) system has different cameras. In accumulation, it can also see up to the 250 kilometers radius and can also functional in any weather.

International Defense Exhibition and Seminar ‘IDEAS 2018’ will be of four-days which inaugurate on 27th November 2018, aphorism approximately 262 high-level delegations from 51 dissimilar countries.

The exhibition is expected to continue till 30th November 2018 that showcase their most up-to-date technological innovations while a large number of senior civil and military delegations and trade guests from transversely the sphere.

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An air show by the Pakistan Air Force (PAF) is planned at Nishan-e-Pakistan, Sea view. In addition JF-17 Thunder and F-16 fighter aircraft, Sherdil aerobatics team will present a stimulating airborne exhibit.

The first two days of the symposium have been set aside for delegations, trade visitors and networking activities. Symposium third day will be scheduled for the Pakistan Air Force (PAF) airborne and the fourth day of the exhibition will be open for public.

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