Global cancer burden: Causes, Types and Estimations

In the year 2018, estimated values of global cancer cases are increased to 18.1 million and total 9.6 million deaths. During their lifetime one man out of 5 and one woman out of 6 build up cancer and one man out of 8 and one woman out of 11 die due to this problem.

According to worldwide estimations about 43.8 million people who are living up to 5 years after cancer diagnosis are called five year prevalence people.

global cancer

Factors responsible for cancer burden:

Several factors are responsible for the increasing cancer burden, which include rapid increase of human population and ageing factor. Moreover, development in social and economical sectors is also linked with cancer burden. In the nations with rapid growth of economy, cancer can be observed having relationship with poverty and infectious substances. These factors are in association with lifestyles more typical of industrialized countries.

Major kinds of cancer during 2018:

Top three types of cancer all over the world are

  • lung cancer
  • Breast cancer
  • Colorectum cancer

out of these lung cancer ranked first, breast cancer ranked fifth and colorectum cancer ranked second in term of death ratios. Collectively, these three kinds of cancer are alone responsible of the cancer incidents and deaths of one third of the world. Leading issues of cancers all over the globe in term of new cases are of lung and breast cancer. Only in 2018 about 2.1 million cases are diagnosed which contributed about 11.6% of total global cancer stress.

Contribution of these cancer types into global cancer burden:

Colorectal cancer with total 10.2% contribution and 1.8 million cases placed at 3rd number in term of most common cancer types, while prostate cancer with 7.1% contribution and 1.3 million cases placed at 4th number and at 5th number in term of cancer causation there is stomach cancer with 5.7% contribution and 1.0 million cases.

Due to poor prediction process for lung cancer, it is also cause large number of mortalities with 18.4% of total cancer contribution and 1.8 million cases. Another type of cancer called stomach cancer contributed 8.2% of total cancer burden with 783,000 death cases. Liver cancer is also included with 8.2% contribution and 782,000 cases. In developed countries, with appropriate diagnosis breast cancer is numbered as 5th primary death cause with 6.6% contribution of total cancer burden and 627,000 death cases.

Worldwide gender base cancer patterns:

According to worldwide cancer patterns on the basis of gender, there are total 14.5% cases of lung cancer in men and 8.4% in women. It is also the top cause of death with cancer in men with 22.0% death cases which is almost one in five of overall cancer mortalities.

  • Cancer in males:

In men, mortalities are caused total 13.5% by prostate cancer, 10.9% by colorectal cancer, 10.2 % by liver cancer and 9.5% by stomach cancer.

  • Cancer in females:

Most common diagnosed kind of cancer in females is breast cancer with total 24.2% cancer burden. Approximately one in four new diagnosis of cancer in females worldwide is of breast cancer. Breast cancer in females is most common diagnosed kind of cancer in 154 countries out of 185 included in Global Cancer Observatory (GLOBOCAN) 2018. Breast cancer is also the major cause of mortality in females with 15.0% death ratio, followed by lung cancer with 13.8% and colorectal cancer with 9.5% death ratio. In females there is another kind of cancer which is cervical cancer which contributed 6.6% for cancer cases and 7.5% for death rates.

Rising lung cancer cases in world:

In case of both men and women lung cancer is top reason of mortality and cancer related death in women in about 28 countries of world. The maximum lung cancer cases in females are observed in North America, Northern and Western Europe (especially in the Netherlands and Denmark), China, Australia and New Zealand.

Reduction is possible:

With the help of effective preventive measures decrease in cancer cases are observed like decrease in lung cancer (in Northern Europe and North America) and in cervical cancer (in most regions of Sub-Saharan Africa). But data collected from many other countries showed that there is still huge number of world population are being affected with cancer and need proper treatment and care.

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