The nutrient composition and health benefits of eggs

The chicken eggs are inexpensive good source of food and readily available in many parts of world.  However, eggs have been eaten by humans for thousands of years. Eggs contain many mineral and vitamins which are beneficial for health. 


Choline is originated from a word acetylcholine which is the most important chemical in brain. It perform neuro-muscular function is called neurotransmitter


Selenium is very necessary for human from nutritionally point of view. It also involve in metabolism and production e.g. DNA synthesis, thyroid hormone metabolism and also give protection against infection and oxidative damage.


The biotin is also known by name of vitamin B7. It is the most beneficial for nails and hairs. Biotin plays supportive role in metabolic function and action potential.

Vitamin A

It is involve in cell growth, ocular function and immune function.

Vitamin B12

The vitamin B12 is also known as cobalamin due to the presence of cobalt metal in this vitamin. It is involve in nervous, circulatory system and transport function such as transport of oxygen in blood. It also plays supportive role in DNA synthesis and metabolism.

Vitamin B5

This vitamin B5 is known as pantothenic acid due to presence of coenzyme A which is very necessary to sustain the life. The Fat molecules do not break down during metabolism process but it stored and changed in cholesterol by CoA.

Vitamin B2

It provides support in metabolism of iron, protection of antioxidants and production of energy in body. It is also called riboflavin, if its concentration is high in body then body produce bright yellow color urine and darker shade of pee.

Vitamin D

It is useful to keep blood sugar level and immune system normal. It also helps to keep bones healthy.


It plays important role to balance Sulphur concentration in body. Sulphur plays supportive role to protect antioxidants and elimination of toxic waste. A balance level of Sulphur is very important for brain and liver. In structure of connective tissue, Sulphur plays an important role.


It is essential for thyroid gland and also involve in production of hormone.


It is major element of body. It is very important to form structures in body. It involve in tissue, skin, hair, digestive system, heart, bones, blood, nails, muscles etc. more than 10,000 protein is present in body and it involve in maintaining of body’s structure.


 The phosphorus is very essential for healthy and strong bones. It also involve in nucleic acid synthesis, storage of energy, muscle actions, and managing the body system.

Shafi hasni
Author: Shafi hasni

PhD Scholar

Shafi hasni

PhD Scholar

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