Sindh to ensure environmental consent for forthcoming projects

The Sindh government has been enthusiastically working to make sure that whatever development project is carried out in the province for energy security of the country including the forthcoming North South Gas Pipeline project but at the same time it will ensure that no compromise will be done on environment.

Sindh to ensure environmental consent for forthcoming projects

Muhammad Taimur Talpur, provincial environment minister informed that this is exactly for what we are here for while doing our work at the Provincial Environment Department and Sindh Environmental Protection Agency and in this case we will ensure it by maintaining maximum transparency in construction of the project.

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The minister said hangman of the upcoming gas pipeline project were under strict obligation to make sure that no tree was cut during its construction phase and if in case such an act became to be expected then for every fallen tree along the route of pipeline, they should plant 20 trees as a substitute.

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Sindh government had been fully comply to the cause that the environment and natural habitats in the province should be completely protected and conserved as for this cause; it had been implementing projects of wind and solar energy for promotion of clean resources of power generation.

The projects like North South Gas Pipeline had to be built in the country for transmission of imported RLNG to all areas of the country given that home-grown resources of natural gas in the country were prompt depleting.

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While projects like the proposed gas pipeline were essential for progress of economy of the country but at the same time the SEPA would make sure that their implementation should not create any unfavorable collision on natural resources of the area.

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