Pakistan’s energy sector to adopt EU’s safety regime

Developing country like Pakistan’s oil and gas sector dire need to adapt the most upgraded, meticulous digital safety systems and regimes as being practiced by the European Union (EU’s), to safeguard the environment.

Pakistan’s energy sector to adopt EU's safety regime

Raja Bou Fakher Aldeen was speaking at a Technical Seminar on ‘OPEX Services for O&G Industry’ attended by the representatives of oil, gas, and related industries of the country.

Fakher Aldeen, representing Technical Centre of Middle Eastern Region of Bureau Veritas that is a France-based international certification provider having HSE (Health, Safety, Environment) said that we should all not start blindly following the EU’s regulatory and safety regime, as adjustments should be made in it according to the peculiar environment of any country, but so far the European system provides the best industry practice for the oil and gas sector.

The UAE-based HSE (Health, Safety, Environment) specialist said that during his stay in Pakistan, he was more than enthusiastic to interact with the legislative body of the government and regulators in order to help Pakistani oil and gas industry adopt the best safety systems.

The UAE-based HSE Company had recently worked with the government of Lebanon so that the Lebanese assets in the oil and gas sector should adopt the most updated safety systems.

The regulatory regimes of Pakistan assessed by him so far showed that the government and regulators in the country were working in the right direction to protect the environment.

If the safety and accidental risks of the oil and gas sector of Pakistan would be minimized the way industry in another part of the world reacted to adopt the necessary safeguards after the 2010 Gulf of Mexico oil spill, it would go a long way towards safekeeping of the Pakistani environment.

Official Bureau Veritas based in the UAE, Nahla Abid-Gribaa said the Middle Eastern countries had adopted digital and up-to-the-date safety systems for their oil and sector industry to make them safe and prevent accidents, as it was time for the third world countries to adopt similar systems.

Development of oil and gas sector is the major to boost up a country’s economy. Government is trying to offer a better and competitive policy that should meet to the international standards to attract the foreign investments in the country.

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