Capital’s industrial zone urged to adopt technology

Pakistan Environment Protection Agency (Pak-EPA) Director General Farzana Altaf Shah while addressing the business community at Islamabad Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ICCI) said that the apex environmental adviser of the country has promised to endow with technical support and collaboration to the local industrial zone as they seek to meet the terms with environmental laws.

Capital’s industrial zone urged to adopt technology

All industrial zones which have been set up without having their Environment Management Plans approved should prepare such plans for due approval to promote the cause of Green Pakistan. Moreover, industries should go all-out to meet international standards and obtain ISO certification which would help them in achieving sustainable growth.

To be in command of the wastage of water, there was not even a single water treatment plant in the federal capital, and urged industries should install these plants. Furthermore, industries need to install solid waste management plants to protect the environment from its harmful penalty separately from producing useful by-products from it.

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ICCI President Ahmed Hassan Moughal valued the role of Pak-EPA for cooperating with the local steel industry in improving compliance of environmental laws. Islamabad Chamber of Commerce and Industrywould work with Pak-EPA to make production activities of local industry environment-friendly.

ICCI’s Senior Vice President Rafat Farid appreciated the positive approach of Pak-EPA towards the industry and said that teams would be twisted to work with concerned industries for ensuring compliance of environmental laws.

Islamabad Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ICCI) should play its role for creating the first green industrial zone in Islamabad and to make it a role model for the rest of the country.

Environmental law in Pakistan is defined in the broadest sense to include the management of
biological and other natural resources as well as the control of disaster pollution and safe from hazardous materials.

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