PSDE hold 34th AGM Conference for Quality Agriculture

The 34th Annual General Meeting (AGM) and Conference of Pakistan Society of Development Economists (PSDE) commenced with four corresponding technical sessions.

PSDE hold 34th AGM Conference for Quality Agriculture

The main agenda of AGM deliberate over momentous issues of “Agriculture and Climate Change”, “Export, Trade and Industry”, “Labor Market Dynamics” and “Fiscal, Monetary Policy and Debt Management”.

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The session titled “Agriculture and Climate Change” insisted on the importance of democracy for agriculture efficiency, the need for financial allocation for forestation, drought monitoring across Agro-climatic zones of Pakistan, and significance of institutional quality for agriculture.

The conference also enlightens the spectators about new agricultural avenues affirm under China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) projects of social and physical infrastructure.

The competent utilization of agricultural resources needs to be free from worry doing so with climate friendly approaches and policies.

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However, in the parallel session on “Export, Trade and Industry” deliberated expert opinions before the audience on the importance of regional connectivity through trade in Pakistan, Pakistan’s export potential which can be ensured through trade in marble and textile manufacturing industries of Pakistan.

The session titled ‘Labor Market Dynamics” signified that social inclusion, social infrastructure, female labor supply, and assessment of labor market dynamics of Pakistan are critically important for ensuring higher employ-ability in the country.

In the fourth session on “Fiscal, Monetary Policy and Debt Management” technical discussions illustrated that Pakistan’s economic growth was contingent on building an effective and collaborative operationalization of government and monetary sectors.

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Session sustained furthermore, highlighting the fact that debt crisis in Pakistan had been a key economic concern and the government and monetary sectors have not been able to achieve and keep going self-reliant economic growth, hence an integrative approach encircling alternative sectors in accord can address the issue of money owing crisis in Pakistan.

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