NUST contributes notable offerings in Health Sector

National University of Science and Technology (NUST) has rendered notable offerings in the health sector of the country by mounting new technologies during the last five years to help out the health sector and benefit the common people.

NUST contributes notable offerings in Health Sector

Research and development is the focal point of university education all over the world. Universities appreciably contribute towards formation of new knowledge and finding of new frontiers of creativity and innovation.

Keeping in line, NUST University has developed cost-effective Cardiac Stent to facilitate the patients suffering from cardiac diseases and cannot afford to buy the costly stents available in the market.

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The university, through research, has also developed Intelligent Wheel Chair, Prosthetic Hand, Limb and Knee Joint to facilitate the patients who are suffering from the related diseases.

A Cost Effective Hepatitis C Virus (HCV) Diagnostic Kit, Nano-Fabric and Nano-Surgical Blades as well as Electro Cardio Graphy (ECG) Machine, also developed by the NUST researchers and developers to combat the disaster spreading diseases to save millions of lives.

Ministry of Science and Technology and its Research and Development organizations are mandated to enlarge technologies for socio-economic development of the country.

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Technologies have been developed in different sectors like water, renewable energy, electronics, health, small and medium sized enterprises, industry and agriculture. These developments directly and indirectly may be beneficial for common people of the country.

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