Agri dept advises temperature for tunnel vegetables

Agriculture Department advised farmers to keep temperature from 15 degree centigrade to 30 degree centigrade in vegetables cultivated under tunnels.

Agri Deptt advises temperature management for tunnel vegetables

Temperature should be between 18 to 24 degree centigrade for cucumber, gourd, melon, brinjal, watermelon, touri, however, it should be 21 to 24 degree centigrade for pepper and capsicum, said a brochure issued by agriculture department.

Agriculture Department also recommended that the vegetable field should not be enclosed right away after application of fertilizers as it would create gases and harm vegetables. So, it should be left open for some time.

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Correspondingly, tunnels should be kept open from 10am to 2pm as it would help addressing concern of moisture. Moisture is not good because it produce different diseases.

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The farmers were suggested to install drain fan in field if possible as it would control moisture in the field. Therefore, the farmers should take instantaneous steps to get rid of the weeds from the crops for getting maximum production.

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