Radar expert Liu,defense engineer Qian receive China’s top scientific award

Radar expert Liu Yongtan and defense engineer Major General Qian Qihu were honored with the 2018 State Preeminent Science and Technology Award — the nation’s highest scientific award — in Beijing on Tuesday.

Radar expert Liu,defense engineer Qian receive China's top scientific award

Liu, 82, is an academician at the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Chinese Academy of Engineering (CAE). He helped modernized China’s maritime radar systems, leading to crucial applications for both civilian and military uses.

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Qian, 81, is also an academician at the CAE. He is one of China’s top military engineers for building underground defense infrastructures. Qian is also a noted expert in designing and building tunnels for civilian transportation.

The State Preeminent Science and Technology Award was first established in 2000. So far, 31 Chinese scientists have been granted this honor. The winners of this year’s preeminent award will receive an 8 million yuan ($1.16 million) prize, a 3 million yuan increase from previous years.

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