Energy competent appliances can aid gas scarcity

The energy-efficient appliances can help manage gas scarcity especially in winter according to energy proficients.The government should make sure the elimination of substandard appliances replaced with efficient international standards.

Energy competent appliances can aid gas scarcity

Natural gas experts warn that gas burners used in kitchens are inefficient. These burners waste 55-60 per cent of the gas consumed, thus almost doubling gas bills. It should be replaced by efficient burners of the international standards.

The other one water geysers accessible in the local markets are even more thermally inefficient. The available geysers consume only 30-31 per cent of the gas supplied. It could be saved if instant gas geysers are used. Use of solar geysers could reduce the consumption of gas by 100 per cent.

Gas heaters available in the market are not only thermally inefficient but are hazardous to health as well. These heaters have 30-31 per cent thermal efficiency and in closed rooms, they consume most of the oxygen and moister. Energy competent gas heaters could diminish the gas consumption to 125 MMSFD.

Energy preservation is helpful for the consumers as well as for the country. The gas, saved in this way, could be used to run power stations, industry and vehicles without importing gas or furnace oil.

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